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Statistics show that almost 60 percent of Americans view retirement as a time to be active and involved, a time to start new activities and set new goals. This section of the website is devoted to the retirement benefit topics that are important to you during this active time of your life.  

Benefit Payments
SERS Retirement benefits are payable on the last working day of each month. For Annuitants who receive their payments by direct deposit, the money is deposited into the bank account you requested on the last working day of each month. For Annuitants who receive their payments by check through the mail, SERS mails all checks on the next-to-last working day of each month and your check should arrive in the mail within ten business days. For more information see:  Retirement Benefit Payment Dates.

Health Insurance
The REHP is NOT a SERS program, but a program administered by the Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF).  Eligibility for REHP (based on your years of Credited Service and age at retirement) and any associated premium costs are subject to collective bargaining. While your Retirement Counselor can answer questions regarding your eligibility for the REHP, questions about REHP plans should be directed to the PEBTF or your specific plan provider.  For more information see:  REHP Eligibility and Premium Assistance.

Beneficiary Information
Not all retirement options include a Death Benefit, but if your option does, you need to keep your Beneficiary designation current with SERS. An up-to-date Beneficiary form ensures that your most recent wishes are on record with SERS prior to your death. For more information see:  Changes and Updates to Your Member Record.

Considering Returning To Work?
If you retired under Normal or Early Retirement and subsequently return to State Service, (or to PSERS service as a Multiple Service member), your monthly pension benefits from SERS will stop. 

What happens when you retire a second time will depend largely on how long you work after returning to service. In rare circumstances, the benefit you receive when you retire again could be less than the benefit you currently are receiving. For more information see: Returning to Service From Retirement.

Last published: 02/12/2014 09:18 AM


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